Electric Power Generation

Demanding applications demand reliable power. Cat® electric power generation systems are the most advanced, cost-effective generators available that provide a long, reliable life. Cat diesel and gas generator sets are the key to helping you find your perfect power.

Whether you’re installing a back-up generator for your small business or working with an engineering firm to upgrade your manufacturing plant, NMC can provide the Cat Electric Power Generation that will meet your needs.

With a combination of our experience and knowledge, NMC’s experts can configure the appropriate generation system to match the demands of your facility. Whether your hospital, data center or mission critical facility has one location or several within an area, you can rely on our Cat generators to keep your operations running at efficient levels.


Cat gensets are known worldwide for their reliability. Whether they be diesel, gas or mobile, Cat gensets are precision manufactured in factories certified under the ISO 9001 international quality standard. Statistical process control and the latest manufacturing methods ensure consistent quality and reliable performance. High-quality means low operating costs, high uptime, and peak return on your investment. If your need is switchgear or paralleling controls, Caterpillar offers equipment suitable for applications ranging from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations.

Our products include:

  • Industrial and OEM Generators: These products deliver the expected Caterpillar® quality with fuel efficient, dependable, long-lasting and low-cost engines. They offer high and medium-speed equipment with the broadest power range. Cat systems also meet emission standards with the Cat Tier 4 Interim.
  • Oil and Gas Backup Power: This power can suit various applications such as well servicing, drilling, gas compression and workover rigs.
  • Electrical Power Generation: This service from NMC is available for standby and prime power applications. You can choose between single or complex units to fit your needs.
  • Cat Diesel and Gas Power Solutions: Diesel generators provide continuous, prime or standby energy that’s reliable and clean. Engineered for optimal performance, Cat diesels can withstand harsh conditions. We test each component and check the complete unit for ideal operation and safety. Cat gas generators from NMC burn fuels from low energy landfill gas, bio-gas, natural or field gases.
  • Used Backup Power: Backup power provided by NMC can support businesses that need daily or backup power for emergency situations — especially those on a tight budget. However, you never sacrifice quality with our tested used units.


NMC is proud to offer a wide range of rental, sales and service power equipment. Our cost effective and reliable equipment is designed to ensure your business has the back-up and temporary power it needs to avoid downtime.  We know reliability is important for all businesses but is extremely important for hospitals, data centers, and utility power. Learn more about how our Power System Solutions ensure you have a trustworthy power source available when your operation needs it.

NMC Power System Solutions for Hospitals

Hospitals have grown from single building units to multiple campuses within the past several decades. When you’re considering generators for your medical center, larger campuses require more than one generation system. As the healthcare industry grows, you may face the challenge to provide a source of electrical power backed up with reliable emergency and standby power systems.

As such, it’s imperative to ensure an uninterrupted flow, especially during unexpected outages that can come in many forms — think natural disasters, weather-related events, crisis, widespread blackouts and equipment failure. While it’s easier to plan for scheduled outages, unexpected happenings may be trickier to handle.

Why You Need NMC’s Backup Power at Your Hospital

The essential electrical systems of hospitals often include different branches to transfer constant power to critical areas of priority. For example, three separate branches exist: life safety, critical and equipment. The essential electrical system, also known as the EES, had two sources of power. One is the public utility source, and the other must be on site, which is a generator.

When you invest in a standby power generation system from NMC, you receive reliable backup power that will help keep people alive. Cat® generators ensure critical life support power and operate at peak efficiencies. Uninterruptible power supply systems, automatic transfer switches and switchgear support Cat systems to make them more reliable. NMC equipment also meet EU and U.S. EPA emission standards, and installations must comply with NFPA 110 and NFPA 70.

When lives are on the line, you can’t worry about whether your hospital will stay running. It’s essential to have a trustworthy backup power source that will provide additional energy in emergencies and meet your requirements for high levels of uptime. Healthcare operations such as data analytics, patient information and life-sustaining machines all need continual vitality.

How NMC Generators Can Benefit Data Centers

Data centers provide and ensure customers with 99.99% uptime availability, but you can’t afford to lose power when an unplanned outage occurs. You must protect information, safeguard online transactions and store critical content along with dozens of other services. However, if you’re unable to restore power, it can affect many people’s personal lives.

For you to maintain your networks and systems, it’s vital to invest in data center power system solutions from NMC. In a world that never stops, you must maintain uptime and have 24/7 backup that can continue running your operation at peak performance levels. Redundancy is essential in the data center industry, as it ensures your connections never go down. In an information-based economy, you can install data center backup power to generate hours of energy until the utility supply is back.

Why Choose NMC’s Power Solutions for Data Centers?

At NMC, we offer continuous standby and temporary power to keep your systems secure. Cat® generators for data centers are the most efficient in the industry and meet EU and U.S. EPA emission standards. Our equipment has automatic transfer switches and switchgear tailored to fit your requirements. Cat power systems will help your company continue to grow and provide accessible service and support to people across the globe — even when the grid goes down.

You can benefit from our generation units thanks to their reliability and availability. With backup power system solutions set in place, you won’t have to worry about losing critical information. Generators keep your business’s power supply at constant levels and compensate for power fluctuations. As a result, they protect all electrical components and systems.

NMC Utility Power Generation

Utility power generation is a necessity for operations such as utility companies, municipalities, manufacturers, power producers and industrial operators. Each generates electricity to meet demands of their consumers while seeking cost-effective and reliable utility power generation. For your company to serve various industries, natural gas generators can be your solution for long-lasting and efficient energy.

Why Do You Need Utility Power Solutions?

At NMC, we realize utility grid power demands often occur in the morning and late afternoon. When people arrive home, everyone switches on a few lights, begins to make food or puts on the TV. With people performing the same behaviors, upsurges in power usage transpire for a short period.

If you’re searching for utility power solutions for spikes in energy or daily operations, electric utilities can operate gas engine generators to meet base or peak loads. Gas engine generators are most often used to handle peak loads and generator power plants provide power to small areas or an entire city.

Power plants usually have multiple 2-6 MW generators as a source of power to cover their primary electric grid. Distinctive solutions operate from 100 to 3000 hours each year. For smaller energy sources, you should use diesel fuel generators. However, natural gas fuels higher hours of applications and extended peak durations.

Choose NMC as Your Utility Power Solutions Provider

NMC offers Cat® switchgear, which operates multiple generators and corresponds with the primary grid. Our generators can meet your local needs during peak times, or you can also sell the power in open markets to make a profit. Whether you need a stationary or temporary diesel generator, NMC provides you cost-effective, reliable power.

As an affordable power source for your customers, Cat generation systems meet your increases in demand when you require non-stop running. We’re your on-going source for service and support, and our trained experts can give you consultation on design, installation and maintenance of power plant designs

Rental Power

Losing power for even a short period of time can have a devastating effect on your business. A power interruption can cause production operations to come to a standstill, jeopardize mission critical operations and even lead to security breaches. NMC Rental Services connects you with our fleet of power generation for rent, rental temperature control and compressed air equipment, all designed and built exclusively for rental applications. Equipment can be on its way in minutes when you need it.

We provide complete, reliable systems tailored to your specific application needs with an understanding of the correct amount of power and the complete equipment needs. We support all stages following equipment specification, from on-time delivery, to set-up and testing, to on-site monitoring for optimal equipment functioning.

Product Support

NMC delivers the right level of support, right when you need it. NMC’s specially trained field technicians are available for on-site or emergency service 24 hours a day. Centrally dispatched to cover the entire state of Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa, our fleet of heavy duty repair trucks can meet your field service needs at any location.

Fully equipped with special purpose Cat tools, service manuals and diagnostic equipment, they provide fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair. All our field service professionals are in constant contact with the resources of NMC’s service departments by cell phone. Plus, we offer preventative maintenance programs to help keep you ahead of the power curve by monitoring the needs of your equipment before they are called into action in a power outage situation.

Avoid Downtime with NMC

Our extensive line of gas and electric generators and other power system equipment is made to ensure your operation has the power it needs when it needs it.  Our team has the reach and know-how to ensure reliability and durability for your power system equipment.  Contact NMC today for more information.

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