As part of state or local governmental agencies, you have a unique set of requirements for procuring equipment and services. For those who buy, rent or manage heavy equipment for the public sector, finding ways to make taxpayer money go further and control costs is essential.


Because the lowest bid could actually cost you more in the long run, it’s important to look beyond the initial purchase price. Through life cycle costing, the NMC team can help you find the right machine with the lowest total cost to maximize safety, productivity, fuel efficiency, and resale value.

Cat motor graders continue their reputation for offering world-class cab and controls, advanced electronics and hydraulics, and optimum productivity. Take control of motor grader productivity with a suite of technologies for all M Series, M Series 2 and M Series 3 models. With Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, Stable Blade, Auto Articulation and Advanced Control Joysticks, you’ll be in a stronger position to control operating costs and stay within budget.


When equipped with precision attachments you can transform existing equipment into multi-functional machines that increase both efficiency and productivity.


NMC will help you with everything from selecting new or used equipment and technology solutions from SITECH Mid Plains and Cat Connect technology that can reduce the time and skill level required to get the job done, to financing options.

Product Support

With our Customer Support Agreements (CSAs), you’ll also know exactly what your maintenance costs will be. When it’s time for planned maintenance – or a machine needs an unexpected repair – our certified technicians will get it fixed quickly in our shop or in the field.

Trade Associations

NMC is a proud annual sponsor of the Nebraska Association of County Officials.

NMC is the Choice for Government Agencies

NMC knows your needs and can help you find and secure the equipment you need. Whether you are looking to rent or buy we have you covered. Contact us today for more information.

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